P360 Defensive Pistol:


An intensive six hour course advancing defensive shooting skill-at-arms for the civilian who has current knowledge of firearm safety and shooting fundamentals and now desires to carry concealed and use a pistol for home defense. Topics include safety, mindset, awareness and having an advance plan. Range work includes safety briefing, shooting fundamentals assessment/tune-up, stance, draw/presentation, non-diagnostic linear clearing of stoppages/malfunctions, introduction to moving off the "X" to cover and shooting from cover. Dry fire drills (for the range and to practice at home), low and high intensity live fire drills are performed addressing all of the above.

Required equipment: eye/ear protection, baseball type cap and shirt/blouse that closes at the neckline (all mandatory), semiautomatic pistol or double action revolver, .380 or larger caliber, outside waist band strong side holster with good retention and stiff opening, stiff pistol belt, minimum three magazines/speed-loaders, magazine holster/pouch. Purse holsters are acceptable for the woman who chooses to carry in that manner. 300 rounds FMJ target ammunition. Dress for the weather (rain gear advised) and bring a cover garment. No shoulder rigs, inside the waist band or cross draw holsters for safety reasons.  By appointment only; individual or couple only. Fee: $100.00 ($150.00 per two persons) 

Includes safety review/briefing, a fundamentals evaluation and carefully planned drills based on your skill-set and training objectives. This is a great session for novice shooters who have been away from training for a while or for the more advanced shooter who wants some objective evaluation and to add to their skill set.  Define your need, and we will set up the plan.  By appointment only. See mandatory/required equipment above; ammunition requirement: minimum 150 rounds.

Fee: $65.00  ($95.00 per two persons)

P360 Core Progressive is a 16 hour training plan broken out into four (4) sessions.  It requires diligent dry fire training between sessions.  Sessions 1 and 2 are "Core" sessions focusing on shooting fundamentals. Remaining sessions advance your skill set learning operational techniques that will enable a high level of competency for concealed carry or home defense. By appointment only. See mandatory/required equipment above; ammunition requirement: minimum 150 rounds per session. Fee: $325.00 ($485.00 per two persons)

Two Day Seminar. Details forthcoming.  First offering will be March/April 2017.  

Instructor: Philip Reily - Tier One Tactical of Sonoma, California 




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Two Persons

Two Persons

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Two Persons

P360 Four Hour Training:

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