​​​​​​​NRA Certified Firearms Training Courses teach the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to safely own and use a revolver or semi-automatic pistol, rifle (learn fixed target marksmanship) or shotgun (learn aerial target shooting - trap/skeet).  Courses are designed for the beginner or novice and cover firearms and range safety, function and operation, ammunition, stoppages and malfunctions, shooting fundamentals, maintenance and more.  A NRA Certification is issued for each course, which provides for the safety training requirement in many states to obtain a concealed firearms license (in those states that require it, for example, Florida).  Student may bring their own firearm (we can supply a training firearm - let us know if you need one),  50 to 100 rounds of target ammunition, mandatory eye/ear protection and baseball type cap.  Dress should be comfortable and protected - no shorts, sleeveless T-shirts, low cut blouses or open toe shoes. Tactical wear is fine for pistol, rifle or RSO training. Dress for the weather since we shoot at an outdoor range (covered positions).  Any student under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.


NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting, Phase 2, $60.00

Phase 1 is administered on-line by the NRA and requires a passing score of 90 on an exam before moving on to Phase 2, the instructor led, live fire portion of the course, which we provide. Individuals completing both Phase 1 and Phase 2 will receive the NRA certification and will be well-grounded in the safe handling and shooting fundamentals required for side arms, both revolvers and semiautomatic pistols.  

Link for Phase 1: https://onlinetraining.nra.org/online-courses/nra-basics-of-pistol-shooting-course/

The Phase 1 cost is $60.00 and is paid at the time of registration directly to the National Rifle Association.  

NRA FIRST STEPS Rifle Orientation, $60.00

Course is four hours and teaches safety, function and operation, shooting fundamentals and shooting positions for a bolt action or semiautomatic, small bore (.22 LR) rifle.  By appointment only.  Under 18 must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian. 

NRA Basics of Rifle Shooting, $175.00

NRA Basics of Rifle Shooting teaches safety, function and operation of rifles and the six rifle actions, shooting fundamentals, positions and fixed target marksmanship using iron sights.  Use of optics is introduced including how to bore sight and zero the rifle with a scope or red dot.  The live fire portion of this course employs a .22 bolt action or semi-automatic action rifle or student may supply his or her own rifle. The course is 16 hours over two days. By appointment only.  

NRA Basics of Shotgun Shooting, $125.00

NRA basics of Shotgun Shooting teaches the novice shooter safety, function and operation of shotguns and their action types, ammunition and

the correct application of types of shot, both lead and steel, shooting position, proper fit and mount and how to shoot aerial clay pigeons

in both trap and skeet. This is an eight hour course. Shot shells are supplied by the instructor. By appointment only.

NRA Range Safety Officer (RSO) Certification, $90.00

This is the RSO national standard certification course that teaches the knowledge, skills and abilities to properly conduct safe shooting activities on any type of range facility including indoor/outdoor commercial, public or private shooting facilities.  The course is also available by appointment for shooting clubs, municipal shooting facilities and commercial ranges at discounted rates for their employees and members.  Contact us for additional information. 

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