It's All About Your Skill-At-Arms  

Precision 360 Firearms Training (P360) offers both core and advanced level instruction for law abiding U.S. citizens. Our mission is to develop your knowledge, attitude and skill-at-arms to achieve defined firearms training objectives. Its not about how quickly you get there, but how you get there.   


1) All course participants/candidates must sign a release of liability prior to the training session holding harmless Precision 360, its owner or any of its affiliated instructors or range facilities used for any injury that might be sustained while training.

2) Safety is a non-negotiable, number one priority when training with firearms. Anyone deemed unsafe in the instructor's opinion or in the range safety officer's opinion as exhibited by negative or negligent attitude, behaviors or actions will be terminated from further participation without refund.  

3) All payment for scheduled training must be made in advance through PayPal, which accepts all major credit/debit cards.

4) Should you become ill or need to reschedule a course (does not include special events or seminars) for which you have prepaid, we will reschedule up to six months from the original course date with no additional fee.

5.) Precision 360 Firearms Training reserves the right to adjust fees at any time.  All reserved and paid training reservations will be honored at the then current price when payment was made, regardless of any fee changes.


Charles (Chuck) Parkinson has 45 plus years depth of experience in the shooting sports and over 200 hours of firearms and instructor development training with top organizations including: The National Rifle Association, Massad Ayoob Group (MAG 40 graduate), Glock Professional, JoMar Tactical, Bushido Tactical and Altair Training Solutions. Current certifications include: NRA Instructor (Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Home Personal Protection  and Home Firearm Safety), NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, and Glock Armorer as well as American Red Cross First Aid, CPR and AED. Chuck specializes in training new shooters the right way the first time: uncompromising safety and establishing sound shooting fundamentals. 

Philip Reily hails from Sonoma County, California and partners on P360 Training Seminars. He served as a Combat Infantry Marine. Subsequently, he attended the Contra Costa County, California Sheriff's Academy where he earned top student and top shooter awards.  After graduation, he served in the SWAT team and created the first canine unit in the department.  911 called Philip back into our country's service.  He contracted with the U.S. State Department in both Iran and Afganistan where he coordinated  security details and led combat patrols in a high risk environment.  Philip designs tactical training based on his extensive depth of experience in the military and as a law enforcement officer. As an instructor, Philip has a unique way of personalizing an individual's training in the classroom and on the range to help them achieve their training goals and objectives.

Contact us at 954-608-0036.  We serve Pierce County and Surrounding Areas in Washington State